Dr. Nancy Buck Presents – Upcoming Webinar Hosted by Natural Mom Hub

Join us for our educational webinar on Wednesday, February 17th at 8pm as we go LIVE and answer all of your tween and teen related questions. Is your child simply refusing to listen to you? Not wanting to clean his or her room? Driving you absolutely out of your mind?

Expect a Q&A format and bring your tween and teen questions! Watch this quick animated video to learn more about what to expect at this valuable and teenage-parent-saving workshop.

Brought to you by Natural Mom Hub, this webinar features Developmental Psychologist and Human Behavior Expert, Dr. Nancy Buck, as she answers this ever elusive parenting conundrum:

Webinar: How to Get Your Kids to Do What You Want Them to Do! | Pre-Teen Edition

When: Wednesday, February 17th at 8pm MST

Who: Dr. Nancy Buck, Developmental Psychologist & Kathryn Roman, Founder, Natural Mom Hub

What: Expert answers on such topics as homework completion, room cleaning, honoring social media/technology rules and more.

Register: Coming soon! Please contact Kathryn at Natural Mom Hub for more info at kathryn@denvernaturalmom.com.

Want to learn more first? Get your copy of Dr. Nancy Buck’s sought-after book for parents: