How to Be a Great Parent —$14.95

The quintessential guidebook for parents seeking to implement Peaceful Parenting in their family. This book is an easy read and the topics covered are familiar to all parents universally.

If your child is exhibiting behavior such as:

  • Not listening to you
  • Not doing their homework
  • Throwing temper tantrums
  • Acting out in school
  • Refusing to clean their room or do chores

Then this book is a great guideline to start choosing different ways to think, act and speak to where your child, tween or teen just might start listening. “How to Be a Great Parent” has had rave reviews from readers and parents who have taken its tools and implemented them into their family dynamic. Pick up your copy today.


Why Do Kids Act That Way —$14.95

Same book, same content, different title. If purchasing as a gift, feel free to purchase this version verses the above if the title appeals to you more.


workbook cover cropped

Peaceful Parenting Workbook – $20

A hands-on approach to Peaceful Parenting, this workbook offers parents activities and writing prompts to implement Nancy’s practices into their family life. This workbook is a great way to get started with Peaceful Parenting at an affordable price. We recommend purchasing the companion book to this workbook (choose which one below).



Parenting Conference DVD – Key Note Speaker Dr. Nancy Buck —$93

In this 90 minute presentation, Dr. Buck shares her experiences with her own children and how laughter and love brought them to Peaceful Parenting. Worth a watch (or a few!). Always a good reminder.


Personalized Coaching with Dr. Nancy Buck

Coaching with Nancy is an extraordinary experience. Many parents have the same resources. They can rely on their partner’s expertise (likely at the same level as their own), their parents or parental figures, their friends, their co-workers, or…..the Internet (eek!).


Having an expert in your pocket to bounce ideas off is an incredible service. Most parents express the following feelings when engaging in coaching with Nancy: 

  • Relief
  • Understanding
  • Security
  • Peace
  • Mindfulness
  • Zen
  • Playfulness
  • Togetherness

Individual Session (50 minutes) —-$125


3-Series Sessions (50 minutes each session) —-$350 (save $25)addtocartbutton

Monthly Membership —-$75/month

**** Monthly Membership Includes: 1 virtual 30 minute session per month, 2 email questions per month, 1 special note of encouragement each month, plus FREE copy of Dr. Buck’s groundbreaking parenting book