Expert Speaker for Schools, Businesses and Organizations

Nancy S. Buck, Ph.D. is a Developmental Psychologist, expert on human motivation and behavior, teacher, coach and public speaker.

Nancy Buck: Studio Portrait 10/13/04 Photographer: Nora Lewis

Her presentations on mental wellness and peaceful parenting facilitate improvement and sustainability of important relationships, help groups and associations work better together and aid parents and teachers with tools to make their roles more harmonious within the larger picture of nurturing their kids for adulthood.

Dr. Buck has delivered hundreds of talks to parents, schools, associations, businesses and organizations. Download a snapshot of her speaking expertise here and learn more about Nancy by scrolling below.

Dr. Buck is also the author of several books and materials including:

  • How to Be a Great Parent (2002)
  • Why Do Kids Act That Way? (2009)
  • Peaceful Parenting workbook and additional resource materials

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Interested in having Nancy speak at your school, meeting or event? Topics……

  • Peaceful Parenting classes and coaching (also available online)
  • Divorce Dimension: Peaceful Parting
  • Gay Parenting Matters
  • What Happened to my HAPPY in Happily Ever After?
  • Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, Lead Management, Quality Schools, Peaceful Parenting
  • How to Make Your Child Do What You Want Them To Do
  • Or….Customize Your Own Topic…contact us here.

Watch Nancy LIVE in ACTION

For a small sample of Nancy’s style, tune into the video! Purchase our DVD to view a longer sample to help you decide that Dr. Buck is your key note speaker at your next event.

Choice Theory Training

As a Senior Faculty member of the William Glasser Institute, Dr. Buck is qualified to teach all levels of training sanctioned and approved by the William Glasser Institute.

She will also design specifically tailored training to help a school, organization or individual understand and use choice theory.

The William Glasser Institute was founded in 1967 by William Glasser, MD, board certified psychiatrist. The training is for those who work in a variety of settings. It is designed to provide an understanding of choice theory and the application of reality therapy, lead management and quality schools.

For more information see CHOICE THEORY TRAINING elsewhere on this web site. You can also visit for more information.


In Schools

Dr. Buck has worked with schools from preschool level through undergraduate and graduate level in colleges and universities. This work has been throughout USA and Canada, Australia, Latin America and Asia. Based on Glasser’s quality schools idea, this training and consultation will improve school relationships, learning and evaluated performance within a school. For example, because of our work together Roosevelt Middle School of New Bedford, MA was the only school in Massachusetts’ history to move from a listed under-performing school to one that is performing at or above acceptable standards.

Non-profit Organizations

Examples of the kinds of non-profit human service organizations where Dr. Buck has consulted include:

  • Private foster care agencies
  • Public foster care agencies
  • Mental health organizations
  • Child-welfare agencies
  • Counseling organizations
  • Hospice organizations
For-Profit Organizations:

Dr. Buck develops and delivers training workshops for: team building, vision and goal setting, creating harmonious work relationships. Provides inspirational and humorous key note addresses for a wide variety of businesses.