Praise for Peaceful Parenting



“Dr. Nancy Buck presents a clear, comprehensive process to help parents develop and maintain the vital relationship necessary for a healthy future for our families and our nation. Peaceful Parenting® is a desperately needed book addressing the issue of parenting, an area that very much needs a fresh approach. Read this book carefully and you will see clearly how what Nancy does teaches both the child and adult to take responsibility for what they do.” – Dr. William Glasser, President and Founder of the William Glasser Institute, Founder of Reality Therapy, Choice Theory and Quality Schools

“The style of writing is as gentle and patient as the approach recommended. The theory is convincing and manifests common sense. The multiple anecdotes and examples are offered all in good humor and humility. I mean it sincerely when I say that this book needs to be widely available to today’s parents, teachers, and all others who are involved in the loving and responsible nurturing of children. I say this as a clergy person, a father and a grandfather.” – Dr. William Houff, Unitarian Universalist Minister

“Dr. Buck speaks directly to parents who seek to engage in child rearing practices that are neither overly permissive nor harshly punitive. The readily accessible writing style, fee of jargon and rich in concrete examples, is ideally suited to parents. Particularly impressive is the perspective of “peaceful” which emphasized cooperation and constructive competitiveness. This emphasis contrasts with the negativity and retribution of such approaches as “tough love” parenting.” – Dr. Mary Sheerin, Early Childhood Specialist

“The use of choice theory is not only sound, it obviously works! Also, the stories enrich the theory in chapter after chapter. This book will be warmly welcomed and read cover-to-cover by parents and those who are “expecting” to be parents. It has practical application across the child/adolescent life span. I encourage all to read this important book.” – Dr. Gail Brophy, Academic Dean, The Union Institute

Comments From Parents Completing a 10-week course in Peaceful Parenting®

“In this chaotic world we have little time to devote to what really matters. This course is a beautiful reminder.”  – Lori R, mother of 2 young children

“This class helped me feel good about being a parent with my children. I learned to work with them to cooperate with me.” – Jennifer B, mother of 3 elementary aged boys

“Nancy make learning easy and enjoyable. She gives great examples, is non-judgmental and really listens.” – Shannon M, mother of boy-girl twins

“It has helped me be a more calm parent, better able to help my child learn how to get what he wants and needs.” – Sherleen M, mother of toddler

“I learned that as hard as it is to be a parent, it is just as hard to be a kid.” – Simone, mother of tween and teen girls

“I learned how to handle difficulties in a more relaxed and effective manner.”– Robert J, father of teenagers

“I would recommend that every parent who loves their child take this class.” – Albert F, stepfather of 4

“As a result of this class I’m a calmer parent. I just don’t get upset as often. Now my child and I compromise so we can both get what we want.” – Florinda M, mother of active 2nd grader

“This information made me learn how to be a more responsible, loving and caring parent.” – Elaine P, mother of 2

“I would definitely recommend this course to other parents, especially single moms like myself, because it really helped me in many ways.” – Patty B., mother of 2 girls and a boy

“This workshop has helped me to understand that my child’s behavior really does have a purpose and what that purpose is, even thought they may not know it. In return it helped me to meet their needs quicker and more accurately.” – Sally C, mother of preteen

“I’ve learned different ways to be a Mom.” – Elizabeth B, mother of 2 daughters

“I found this course personally rewarding.” – Deb S, custodial grandmother of preschooler

“Nancy is a great teacher. She puts a very special touch on her time with us. We all learned a lot with her.” – Amanda L, mother of 2 boys and 2 girls

“It would be wonderful to have more groups like this in the community.” – Wendy H, mother of blended family of 6

“I understand my child and my own needs so much better than I ever thought.” – Single mother Anna G

“Nancy explains things so clearly and gave us such good examples.” – Tony N

“I am a calmer and happier parent because of this course.” – Kate, mother of 3 very busy boys.

Praise for “Why Do Kids Act That Way?” by Dr. Nancy S. Buck

Book Cover Why Do Kids Act That Way

“Dr. Buck makes the tools we use in early childhood education accessible to parents. Her real world examples will be familiar to anyone that has a child (or was a child). Put choice theory to work for you today…happy parenting!” – Clay Johnson, Director, The Goddard School, South Kingstown, RI

“As a new mother Dr. Buck’s book is a gift!  This book is different from all the other parenting books out there, this one is helpful, funny and loving. This book has helped me to understand my child’s needs and meet them in a way that strengthens our bond rather than engaging in struggle. I will be a better parent and enjoy parenthood more thanks to this book.” – Amanda C. Campbell, MA, Therapist & New Mother, Certified Holistic Therapist, Private Practice

“As a single working mother of a 12 year old girl, Dr. Nancy Bucks “Peaceful Parenting” has brought peace and understanding to both myself and my daughter’s life. I first learned about “Peaceful Parenting” when my daughter was only six, I still think on a regular basis is this a negotiable want or not. I know as my daughter and I enter the teen years I will keep referring to “Peaceful Parenting” to help guide my family. Reading Dr. Nancy Buck Book Why Do Kids Act That Way? The Instruction Manual Parents Need To Understand Children at Every Age has been very helpful in understanding my daughter’s wants and has made life easier for my entire family.” – Susan Cox, Director of Recruitment for Foster Families, Family Care For Children and Youth, Inc., Lewisburg, PA

“As a public school kindergarten teacher my daily practice with children means I am constantly working hard to find ways to help children enjoy their school experience on their terms. It is difficult because they are in a class with nineteen other kids. Through the reading and use of Dr. Buck’s book I have learned so much about what the children need and how to allow them to make their own choices. As the mom of two children. Dr. Buck’s practical suggestions have helped me to help my own children be the best they can be and enjoy their life experiences, learning to depend on themselves and make the choices that will work best for them.” – Charlotte Zimmerman, Elementary Education

“As both a mother of four young children and a therapist, I thank Dr. Buck for this innovative new book. 5b. The practical strategies and techniques Dr. Buck teaches will be helpful to me with both my own children and those in my practice. I highly recommend this wonderful book to parents and anyone who works with children.” – Heather Martin, MSW, LICSW, Clinical Social Worker

“Dr. Buck’s book provides invaluable information to all of us about human behavior … When I learned how children’s actions are actually attempts to meet their universal human needs, that knowledge dramatically affected how I now work with children, as well as parents and teachers. After reading Dr. Buck’s books I no longer become the principal terror.” – Judy Wells, Elementary Principal, San Antonio, Texas, Mother of one daughter and two step sons.

“As a clinician and the mother of a boy now 25 and a girl 20, I wish I had read Nancy Buck’s book when they were babies. However, I find myself using Dr. Buck’s her wisdom now, to great effect. This is a book for parents of children of all ages and it can be applied not only to your own children, but everyone else’s as well! I work with children who are grieving the death of a close family member and have used Nancy’s teaching to help them realize the strengths they have and how to go about accessing and using them. I recommend her books to all the parents I work with to make their job of parenting through grief that much easier. Forget Supernanny and Dr. Phil: Nancy Buck is the parenting guru as far as I’m concerned.” – Susan A. McGregor, MA, Program Coordinator for FRIENDS WAY, a children’s bereavement center in Warwick, RI

“As an adoptive parent, I can only say that Dr. Buck’s new book is an absolute ‘how to’ for parenting. Dr. Buck’s book is useful, meaningful, and fun as well. Dr. Buck’s understanding of the tussles we get into with our kids is amazing. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is parenting, grandparenting, and or teaching.” – Lillian K. Hosman, Faculty, The William Glasser Institute, Portland, OR, Elementary School Principal, retired

“Dr. Buck’s most recent book, Why Do Kids Act That Way? The Instruction Manual Parents Need to Understand Children at Every Age is a great tool for learning new parenting techniques and enhancing already tried and true parenting skills. As a parent, grandparent and child welfare administrator, it has been helpful in many ways and ties in beautifully with my own beliefs regarding raising responsible and happy children.” – Lauren A. Leap, ACSW, LSW, Director of Foster Care, Family Care for Children and Youth, Inc., Lewisburg, PA

“Nancy continues to demonstrate her kind, peaceful parenting wisdom in ‘Why Do Kids Act That Way?’ Dr. Buck not only answers the key question for which her book is named, but also helps parents to develop a renewed authentic curiosity about their children’s thinking. Parents will find themselves automatically examining their interactions and searching for understanding instead of misbehavior.” – Jessica Meade, Pediatric Chiropractor

“What a relief! Finally, a book that helps parents understand their children from the inside out! Dr. Buck provides parents with an approach to parenting that leads to joyful and satisfying relationships. This is a must-read book for all parents, as well as for teachers, counselors, or anyone who interacts with children on a regular basis.” – Patricia Robey, Ed.D., Assistant Professor in Counseling at Governors State University.

“Peaceful Parenting was invaluable to me as the mother of a son with ADD. Over all those difficult, growing-up years, Nancy’s advice helped me learn how to work with my son to understand why he was acting the way he was and to help him get what he needed to succeed. My son, now 22, is employed full-time with the U.S. government, living on his own, and working towards a bachelor’s degree. There’s so much good information in Why Do Kids Act That Way? that I almost wish my two children weren’t already grown up! Nancy’s book will be a handbook for parents that they will refer to over and over again.” – Sheila Gibson, Parent

“Nancy Buck has done it again! Just when it seemed that the indulgent-techno-popular culture had undermined our parental good sense, along comes this wonderful dose of practical wisdom. ‘Why Do Kids Act That Way?’ is an indispensible roadmap for today’s parent.” – Richard Primason, Ph.D., Author of Choice Parenting, Clinical Psychologist, private practice Westchester County, NY, Father of two sons

“I’m so excited about this book, it’s simply a book that every parent and grandparent needs to read. Dr. Buck’s common sense approach to parenting will provide you with all the information you need to understand behavior at every age. This book is brimming with good news about why our children behave as they do, arming you with information and giving you the confidence to trust yourself and your child to make the right decisions. Dr. Buck’s casual style and sense of humor makes it an enjoyable read for even the busiest parents.” – Jeri Reutter, Owner, Creative Solutions Group, Mother of 2, Grandmother of 2

“Since reading the wonderful book Why Do Kids Act That Way I have not stopped talking about it to everyone, from my mom, sister, friends and of course every parent I have bumped into. I now have tools to make an immediate and drastic change with my seven year old son and our relationship. As the president of the PTA our group is frequently discussing the disturbing dilemmas children face in school; from lack of empathy, poor communication skills, cafeteria madness to children bullying other children. This book explains these behaviors and offers immediate solutions to these problems. The ideas in both of Dr. Buck’s books can be applied not just by parents and teachers but to any person’s every day relationships. Thank you for these fantastic books.” – Sabrina Gonzalez, PTA President, Midland School, Rochelle Park, NJ

“Thank you for your outstanding book, Why Do Kids Act That Way? Your thoughts and views are very insightful and gave my husband and me a new way of looking at our kids and their behavior. I’ve recently implemented the “sure you can have candy” rule and my kids looked at me like I had three heads! Other parents are curious to see if it works for us and then they will try it with their families. Thanks for refreshing and helpful parenting ideas.” – Paul and Shannon Alves, Parents

“We need to make a difference in this world of ever increasing conflict…and Nancy Buck delivers the basis of that difference. In ‘Why do Kids Act That Way?’, we learn that it is not out of our reach to understand our children, to remember to have fun with them, to share power and allow for the freedom to try things out while staying connected to the next generations. I will be sharing Dr. Buck’s ideas with clients and of course my beloved family!! This book is just packed with wise and wonderful ways to raise our children and grandchildren. The Epilogue and the 2 rules for successful parenting are a must conclusion for all to read!” – Ellen B. Gélinas, M.Ed, Canadian Certified Counselor, Reality Therapy Certified President, Canadian Representative to the Advisory Board of The William Glasser Institute, President, Learn and Laugh Inc, counselor, facilitator, humorist, mother of 2 wonderful young adults and grandmother of 2 amazing little beings who need me to learn and practice what Nancy is teaching!

“This book is one of the best “How to” Manuals for understanding children that I have ever read! Dr. Buck really understands what motivates children and parents in the dance they co-create. Dr. Buck provides practical, concrete ideas for respectful interaction that helps parents raise responsible kids while maintaining a positive, influential relationship with them.” – Kim Olver, MS, LPC (licensed professional counselor), Relationship Coach, mother of two sons

“Nancy has done it again…providing clear and down-to-earth advice and examples for all of us who want to be the best parents we can be. This new book is a must read if you want to forge long-lasting, close relationships with your children.” – Nicole Carson, Aspen Elementary Parent Education Chair; Former Attorney, mother of Caden (2), Avery (7) and Ellory (11).

“I have read and implemented with my staff Nancy Buck’s Book which is Titled “Why Do Kids Act That Way?” This is an excellent resource for parents, Foster parents and for my staff. I would highly recommend all parents read her book.” – Teresa Storer, MSW, LSW, Executive Director, Family Care for Children and Youth, Inc, Lewisburg, PA

“Nancy’s common language explanation of human behavior is tremendously helpful in realizing that our children are in fact human and behave much as we all do. Parenting without a doubt is one if not the most important and awesome endeavors that one can engage in. With that in mind Dr. Buck helps to demystify parenting and at the same time encourages parents with suggestions and tips that are rooted in strong psychological theory. A must read for parents and anyone who works with children.” – David Moran, M.Ed, School Principal, Associate Professor, Bridgewater State College

“Dr. Buck has a warm, personal style that complements her professional expertise in the area of parenting. Dr. Buck writes clearly using engaging anecdotes that explain not only why kids behave the way they do but also how to improve family relationships. Parents and others learn much from her practical approach to difficult situations.” – Albert J. Katz, MS, NCSP, RTC, Senior Faculty, William Glasser Institute

“Why Do Kids Act That Way? is a valuable guide to handling the trials and tribulations of parenthood without getting caught in the behavior control game. We all need to remember that kids are trying to be heard, if we choose to listen. The specific examples in this book help parents to practice new behaviors that, in turn, give them the opportunity to have a positive and rich relationship with their children – no matter the age. As a professional, I was impressed with the way Nancy Buck makes the concepts of choice theory and Peaceful Parenting understandable. As a parent, I was grateful for the specific scenarios so I will make a better choice next time my teen and tween are “misbehaving!” – Carolyn Vanacore, Middle School Guidance Counselor; Parent

“Dr. Buck’s newest book is both enlightening and informative in an enjoyable format. Dr. Buck has addressed every issue imaginable with easily applicable solutions. Finally a parenting book worth reading!” – Elizabeth Gilloran, School Counselor; Reality Therapist; Parent

“Dr. Buck’s has written a marvelous book, providing me with new insights especially with our 3 grandkids in mind. Dr. Buck has provided the best description of FREEDOM need along with practical strategies I’ve read in awhile-good down to earth, useable stuff. This book shows parents and grandparents insightful ways to influence their children’s behavior at any age. Using Dr. Buck’s books I am able to practice the idea that teaching replaces punishment and scolding. Remembering the simple act of asking before reacting resolves most common problems. Read the highlighted parenting tips sprinkled throughout the book. If you know a teenager, READ THIS BOOK.” – Paul Wislocki, Educator/Administrator and Current Grandparent of 3 Young Children

“Dr. Buck provides the magical question along with practical steps to recapture the pleasures of parenting by becoming the parent you want to be. Finally, an author who has taken the mystery out of parenting! A must read! Dr. Buck brings magic and enchantment coupled with practical steps in becoming the parent you want to be.Finally, an author who has taken the mystery out of parenting! A book not to be missed! No more guesswork on how to parent! Dr. Buck offers the ‘magical’ question followed by a step-by-step approach that recaptures the pleasures of parenting. Become the parent you want to be and read Why Do Kids Act That Way? today! Dr. Buck is the ultimate storyteller. In Why Do Kids Act That Way? Nancy offers the magic and enchantment of parenting and provides basic steps in being the parent you want to be! ‘Why Do Kids Act That Way?’ may be read to your children so they, too, can understand “why” parents and children do the things they do! A must-read! Dr. Buck brings magic and enchantment to a practical and informative book through personal experience, sensitivity and insight. Finally, an author who has taken the mystery out of parenting while retaining its wonder.” Jean Seville Suffield, Parent/Grandparent, Author and Trainer, The William Glasser Institute, Jensen Learning Corporation