Nancy S. Buck, Ph.D. established Peaceful Parenting Inc. to bring her knowledge and experience with effective parenting to the greatest number of parents and other caretakers of children. She developed the Peaceful Parenting Inc. programs from her 25 years of experience as a developmental psychologist, trainer and educator and most importantly, as the mother of identical twin sons. Her genuine, warm and authentic teaching style is clear and concise, helping learners move from the theoretical understanding to real life applications.

Nancy S. Buck, Ph.D. completed her doctoral studies in developmental psychology with a specialization in parenting. She has created Peaceful Parenting® applying choice theory to parenting. This represents not only her twenty years of studying and teaching choice theory around the country but also her twenty years of parenting her identical twin sons. Nancy’s genuine, warm and authentic teaching style is clear and concise, helping learners move from the theoretical to the practical. Because the theory is clearly and continuously explained and referred to, learners not only understand HOW to parent more effectively, they also understand WHY moving from external control parenting to internal control parenting is more effective.

Nancy is well recognized and applauded for her down to earth, human, charismatic and humorous style of working with audiences of any size. With the information and support provided by Nancy, parents can improve their ability to parent. This results in an improved quality of life for every member of a family.

Peaceful Parenting Inc. (including the talks, book, workbook, coaching, or educational classes) teaches parents the skills necessary to navigate the push-pull relationship between themselves and their children. Parents learn how to create a loving, nurturing environment for children of all ages.  Peaceful Parenting Inc. is different from other parenting programs. It does not rely on external rewards and punishments. Instead, Peaceful Parenting Inc. teaches parents how to understand and interact appropriately with their children following their children’s internal genetic instructions.

Peaceful Parenting Inc. offers Choice Theory training, consultation to schools and organizations as well as key note addresses and speaking events.

Watch Dr,  Nancy Buck deliver a presentation on Peaceful Parenting techniques. Her lovely and engaging style brings humor and wisdom to the most common and confounding parenting struggles. Contact Dr. Buck for your next event.

Or, listen to a teleconference on Peaceful Parenting. This recording was offered through the William Glasser Institute web site to people interested and trained in choice theory psychology. Enjoy!

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